Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just starting out

I have complete all necessary paper work and am just waiting on the records from the OB and hospital.  I want to start telling people but the reactions that I've gotten from a few have made my stomach hurt and I'm afraid now.  I dont know why I'm afraid, I am the one doing this amazing thing for someone else. Why cant everyone accept that? Haven't you known someone who couldn't conceive and desperately wanted to be a parent? That thought breaks my heart. Not everyone is as lucky as you and I. They say it takes a special person to even become a Surrogate, I totally see that now.  But does it take a special person to see the beauty in it? To see how awesome that is? 

Other than that, this has been pretty good so far.  Once all the medical records are received than they will be reviewed and I, hopefully, will be cleared to start speaking with IPs (intended parents).  I feel really good inside, its hard to explain but everytime I think about "my" IPs holding their baby that I grew for them, I cant help but tear up.  Not because Im sad but because its the best feeling ever to be a mom. 

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Erica said...

I was very scared as well, as to what my families reactions would be. Not as much my friends because they support me no matter what. I was more worried about my parents because my mom worries more than I do!! (which is ALOT) But the only thing she was obviously worried about is the stress on DH and DD and DS. As well as my health. But starting the conversation is just the scariest, actually discussing it is pretty easy. Also, just look at it as Step 1 of a great process and probably the most simple thing we will do in our journeys!