Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wanted to share some pictures and update

Here are some photos from transfer day!

Me and IM

Goofing off

She knocked me up (hopefully)!

My husband, IPs and Me

Babies first picture

Man this past week has been SO stressful! Ive never worried so much about trying to conceive, this is a whole new ball game. Ive never wanted something for someone else SO BAD in my life!!!!! Our first BETA is 1/4 and I hope it gets here quickly. Im very optimistic and am keeping the "I'm pregnant until told otherwise" attitude. My tush is getting pretty sore from the shots, feels like something punched me so hard right in the butt cheek. Those shots are NO joke! My 4 year old keeps touching my belly and saying "hi J's babies!" She is too much. I showed her the picture of the embryos and she's just fascinated by it all. 

Hoping and praying to share some good news Wednesday, please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming our way!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Its T time!

Todays the day!  I woke up to MANY facebook comments showing love and support for all of us and it was very touching. Im pretty emotional this morning not afraid or anything just excited and touched by the amount of support we have. I want this to work so badly for J & B and Im so optimistic and positive at this point. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya tomorrow

We should be getting a call from the clinic at some point today to let us know what time to be there tomorrow. I thought I'd be nervous by this point but I'm really now at all. Im more nervous about that damn PIO shot and was shaking like a leaf when Brian did it last night. So far I cant complain too much about my tush, it hurts but nothing horrible like I was expecting. Than again its only been 2 injections! 

Please send prayers and thoughts our way for tomorrow. Im praying but the more the better. I want this so BAD for J & B, they deserve a baby. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Im alive!

First PIO has been completed and I didnt pass out or die haha. So grateful J drove over an hour to come here and give it to me. Its a good thing she did because the nurse marked me way too high. When starting out my journey as a surrogate I didnt really know 100% what I wanted in IPs and said I didnt mind them being across country but now, Im 100% CERTAIN I want IPs so close! Its the best having J & B there whenever I need them and having them be able to be a part of everything. 

I must say, it feels like J punched me in the butt now haha

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last monitoring visit today

The fertility clinic just called and said my blood and ultrasound are where it should be and were all set for friday!! I was very nervous that my lining wouldnt be thick enough or something, what a relief!! Im so excited to see J tomorrow, shes coming to give me my first progesterone injection, shes the best!!!  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

ding ding ding, round 2

So were on round 2 of meds! I am SO thankful my last monitoring appt was good so that we could start up again. Transfer is 2 weeks and 1 day away, it will be here before we know it. 

I took a peek at the PIO needle, HOLY COW that thing is enormous! Im a bit nervous for it but ofcourse Ill manage and be fine. I feel selfish complaining about it though. 

My birthday is Sunday and Im really looking forward to spending some time with J & B and excited for my family to meet these 2 awesome people! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

New transfer date

Transfer scheduled for 12/23 just in time for the holiday! What better Christmas gift for me than saying "sorry I must rest everyone come to us this year!" "ill be on the couch if you need me". 

I still feel awful that I messed up but SO thankful that we can still do this in 3 weeks.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I messed up :(

I took the wrong meds and now transfer is cancelled. The only good news is that it will only be delayed 2 weeks, thank God. I cant believe I did that. I feel so bad. If it was for my own baby it wouldnt have bothered me so much but its not for me, and I feel like I let my IPs down. I know I didnt because they are truly amazing people but I just feel that way. So after Christmas should be the new transfer date, Ill have a schedule soon.