Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things have been quiet

All the beind the scenes work is getting done by the agency and I feel like I should be doing something. Cooper, the clinic, should be calling this week to talk and set up an initial appointment. I *have* to get in there this month because November is crazy. Brian goes away a few days, comes back for 1 day than we all leave and once we return I should be starting meds. Im hoping for a 2nd week in December transfer since my birthday is the 11th and exactly 2 weeks later is Christmas, thought this would be the best Christmas gift yet! We'll see. J and I have kept in touch and send texts every so often just to basically say hi and that we were thinking of one another. I look forward to spending time with J & B soon. 

I started reading "Surrogacy Was the Way" and OMG was the the perfect book to be reading! I think every intended parent and surrogate should read it. I find myself crying during each story, they're all so touching. 

Hope to have a timeline of events soon!

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