Friday, October 7, 2011

The gift of life...

On October 3 (which is also my nephews birthday), I got a text from Kristen saying "I think this is it!". Sure enough labor had started! By the time Kristen got to the hospital she was 7-8cm and just about in transition. I got there a few minutes later. I would never have imagined that a labor and delivery could have gone so perfectly, so smoothly and just how mommy wanted. Kristen was absolutely amazing and so controlled and focused, I cant get her face out of my head. That had to be one of the most amazing experiences Ive ever been a part of and I dont think Kristen will ever know how much it meant to me that she wanted me there. At 4:45am Mason Gavin was born, less then an hour and 45 minutes after getting to the hospital. He was so tiny and precious and his parents instantly fell in love.  Their faces were simply priceless. 

I cant wait to see J & B's faces when they first meet their new baby. 

Kristen, Mason and me

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