Sunday, September 18, 2011

we're a MATCH!

Last night was awesome! J & B came here hung out for a half hour or so, even brought the girls gifts! we went to the mill street pub which is a local restaurant here in town and is so good! we talked and talked and talked for hours, 3 1/2 to be exact! It was super comfortable and felt like we felt like we've known each other forever. Dinner was delicious and they insisted on treating us . we spoke about what brought them to surrogacy and how their families felt about it and conversely how I came to become a surrogate and how our families felt. We ended with J saying "were going to contact Blair monday and tell her we want to move forward and you decide when youre ready". I was like umm were SO ready!  So next step is the RE doctor to go over IVF and learn about meds and how to administer them. Im so excited and no longer the least bit nervous! I cant wait to spend time with them again!

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Ashley & Tom said...

How exciting..! It will go by so fast.. just you wait. We were just buying plane tickets for a month and a half our and we are now down to 11 days..! it's wonderful you started a blog too to capture you journey. :D I can't wait to follow along. best wishes..!