Sunday, September 11, 2011

Its all making sense

My sister told me yesterday that after thinking about WHY I choose to do this, that she is so proud of me and no longer afraid. She supported me like she does with everything in life, but knowing that I have her FULL support and that I make her proud, it means the most to me. I look up to her and I always have and to make her proud, it means the world.

Last night at a wedding, Brian and I were sat at a table away from our family which we thought was odd. Than towards the end of the night it all made sense. There, at our table were IPs, not my IPs but some other lucky surros IPs. I didnt know them yet we managed to be at the same table. The bride introduced us and we started talking. It was nice to hear from an intended moms stand point, her fears and desires and the excitement on her face speaking of her little girl Mia. That did it for me EVEN MORE if thats possible. Hearing her made what Im doing seem so much more real and life changing. She said they went through 3 other surros that backed out, that broke my heart. After they spend a lot of money to get things started these women left them. I think that its mainly the agency's fault (i started with this agency and RAN fast away from them). 

A lady that goes into my moms work, she also has 2 little guys via a surro mom in CA. Those little boys are so stinking cute!! Their mom was nice enough to respond to my message on FB asking a few questions, she answered them and some more. She even gave me her # and said to call anytime. Im learning that this "surrogate" community is very welcoming and very close knit. Having her in my moms life has helped my mom to understand it all which is awesome, I believe she was put into my moms life for a reason. 

At church a few weeks ago, the Pastor stated that God put special people on this earth to carry out duties for him, that someone somewhere is depending on you. It all makes sense, J & B need me and in reality I need them.

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~IM~ said...

Love this post! Thank you for being who you are!